Sunday Mass at 11 o’clock update

All 3 Masses saw higher attendance this past weekend.  We were able to seat the 74 people on Saturday in the church.  We were overflowed into the parish center at 9am with about 136 people total and then at least that, if not more at 11am for the outdoor Mass.  Please remember to arrive on time if not 5 minutes before so we can seat everyone before the Masses begin. Even the outdoor Mass.  With livestream at 9am; and cars coming into the parking lot after the 11am start it can be a distraction to the Mass.  Thank you all for understanding as we continue to work through the different Mass environments.  It was so beautiful to see so many people coming and participating at public Mass again.  What a witness at the outdoor Mass to see so many able to kneel on the concrete parking lot.  I was brought to tears.  How much we all love the Lord with our little sacrifices!

We are also hoping that more people will be able to bring their own chairs.  We went through 3 full racks of chairs yesterday and have only 1 more to offer before heading into metal folding chairs. (not ideal because of the folding aspect!)  We will also be creating more space with cones for seating, so that will mean parking will be pulled back further.  Please keep the hedgerow next to the rectory garden open for handicap parking since the handicap spaces are taken up with chairs.  We could also use a few more ushers at the 11am Mass to help with set up, take down and also assisting visitors with where the Mass location is and finding seating.  Men, women and our young adults are all welcome to volunteer.  Let Kendall Hayes know if you can help ahead of time or come early for 11am Mass or stay after the 9am and volunteer.  Thank you for all those who really stepped it up for us this past weekend!  We are so grateful for all our volunteers who are helping us in so many ways.