Looking ahead to Epiphany

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As we continue the celebrations of the Christmas season, a time rich with tradition and spiritual significance, I’d like to share with you an opportunity to embrace these traditions in a meaningful way.  There is a wonderful tradition on the Epiphany of blessing Holy Water and Salt and Chalk for the homes of the faithful.  The Epiphany is of course the celebration of the visit of the three Wise Men. 
The blessing of Holy Water and Salt is a ritual that involves invoking God’s blessing. Holy Water is often used in various sacraments and blessings. The addition of Salt symbolizes purity and preservation. The blessed water and salt are then sprinkled in homes to invoke God’s protection and to cleanse the surroundings.

Chalk is also blessed on the Epiphany, and it is used to mark the doors of homes with the initials C, M, and B, representing the names of the three wise men—Caspar, Melchior, and Balthazar. The letters are also interpreted as an abbreviation for the Latin blessing “Christus Mansionem Benedicat,” which translates to “May Christ bless this house.” The marking of the doors is a symbolic gesture to seek God’s blessing and protection for the occupants of the home.
In addition to these, having sacramentals in your home, like rosaries, crucifixes, and blessed images, and various medals and scapulars can be a source of spiritual strength and a reminder of God’s presence. They are not just objects to observe but serve as tools for bringing God’s grace into our lives.  I encourage each family to consider incorporating these blessed items into your daily life.
You may ask, what are these items used for?  Holy water can be sprinkled around the home or used for personal blessings.Blessed salt can be sprinkled around your property, or in your home as you give your property and home to the protection of the Lord.  This is a beautiful way to give Him permission to be the Lord of the property.  Blessed salt can also be used in cooking, as can blessed olive oil.Chalk is used as described above.  When making the inscriptions above the doorways of the home, write 20 + C+M+B + 24.  2024 represents the calendar year.Blessed candles can be used for times of family prayer, or when needed for light.Religious Images can be displayed as a reminder to turn to God and the Saints in prayer.  I specifically encourage all families to have an image of the Holy Family in a prominent place in their home as a model of homelife live. Blessed medals and Scapulars can be worn as a sign of entrustment to our Lord and Our Lady.  Wearing them with faith invites the Lord’s powerful protection and Our Lady’s presence and intercession. Particularly wonderful medals are the Miraculous medal, the St. Benedict medal, and the brown scapular.      I would like to offer a special blessing for sacramentals and religious articles for your homes in the feast of the Epiphany this weekend.  I invite you bring all your candles, you water, salt, oil, chalk, as well all religious images, rosaries, medals, statues, pictures, bibles etc. to be blessed either after the 4pm mass on January 6th or in between the 8am and 10am masses On Sunday January 7th.

May God bless you & your families. 

In Christ, 

Fr. Peter Wigton