Holy All Saints Day Party November 1


It is amazing what a couple of moms created with Fr. Peter’s support, building on the foundation of Saints. There were parents and children of all ages dressed as Saints. Imagine seeing Padre Pio with his stigmata! Or watching Maximillian Kolby is his prison garb. There were many, many shepherds; nuns dressed as St. Rita, St. Philomena, St. Mary, St. Bernadette, St .Theresa, and so many more. There were babes in arms dressed as Lambs of God.

So many parents and children of all ages; all were laughing and joining in the saintly games. Yes there were many games! The musical chairs were centered around the saints and chants of “ Saint Paul, pray for us” after each chair removed. It was a version of the Litany of Saints we all are familiar with. The little saints went fishing and caught holy prizes. Older children would try and guess the name of the Saint as many different biographies were read.
Children decorated small pumpkins to put in their “saintly bags”. Prizes, for adults and children, were rosaries, holy metals, holy cards, & saint coloring books. Notice the Rosary Pumpkin carved by one of the children. All were so joyful and loved the games, the prizes and the pizza, salad and desserts. Minimal candy was needed for these holy saints!

This was the first All Saint’s party for all children in our parish and surrounding Christian friends. It is sure to be repeated next year. It is so inspiring to see our Catholic families rejoicing in the lives of the Saints! This was a vibrant display of our faith and love of all our Catholic themes and traditions. Thank you, Lord, for our Community of Faith.

God is Good!