Happy Friday! 

Just a few reminders for the upcoming weekend:

  • We will celebrate first Saturday Mass tomorrow at 8:30am with confessions following.
  • 11:00am Mass on Sunday will be outside in the parking lot area. The seating area will be marked off with cones. Please use the hedge near the rectory for handicapped parking and please remember to bring your own chairs. 
  • Following a meeting with the consultors this week upon his arrival to our Diocese, Bishop Hurley has asked that we remind everyone of the recommended COVID-19 protocols in place, especially in light of the many visitors to our area during the summer months. Most importantly, Bishop Hurley reminds us:
    • Masks are expected inside the Church. We understand that masking is uncomfortable and hot and, let’s be honest, it just feels weird. However, the studies do show that masking helps block the expelling of droplets from an infected person’s mouth. Therefore, wearing a mask not only protects you from getting the virus, but also protects others from you potentially spreading the virus. It is an act of love and caring for our neighbors, so please mask if you are able.
    • Social Distancing should be the norm during church events. Pews are marked off in the church for social distancing. Please do not congregate in the hallways before or after Mass.
    • Robust Singing should be very minimal. Because the CDC has indicated that COVID-19 is spread orally by water droplets, it is recommended that singing be done my the music directors and cantors.  With this in mind, Tony will be singing some new Mass parts for the Gloria and the Holy Holy to introduce them so that we can start learning them,  while keeping the robust singing to a minimum.
  • Bishop Hurley’s letter to the faithful can be found on the Diocese website at this link: http://www.dioceseofgaylord.org/news/101/2185/

Have a blessed weekend with your family and friends and Happy Independence Day!

“The secret of happiness is to live moment by moment and to thank God for all that He, in His goodness, sends to us day after day.”  St. Gianna Molla