Good Friday Afternoon!

We’d like to share some news about a special project happening in our beloved Charlevoix Community…

The Rotary Club of Charlevoix is spearheading the building of a new accessible and sensory playground at Mt. McSauba, which is used and loved by hundreds of children and their families all year round. The playground equipment will be specifically selected to be accessible for the vast majority of children, including those with physical challenges.
Rotary Club members are reaching out to families, businesses, clubs, and members of their churches for whatever financial support they can provide. St. Mary Parish has several Rotary Club members among our ranks, and we are happy to support this community project.
$106,460 has already been collected, which is a great start towards the estimated $238,000 cost of the playground and equipment. With this momentum, there is a good chance the playground will be open to the children of Charlevoix by next summer.
This collection is in no way intended to take away from St. Mary Parish and School. Rather, we are encouraging small donations of $10, $25, $50, or $100 which will add up and will be appreciated by our Charlevoix community. St. Mary School recently hosted a “jean day” in support of this project and raised approximately $350.
The Rotary Club would appreciate your support for this project! We will have special envelopes in the pews this Sunday and next Sunday and will then combine the donations into one sum for the project.
If donating by check: please make checks payable to St. Mary Parish and note “Rotary Club Playground” in the memo line. All donations are tax deductible.
Thank you for considering supporting this important initiative which will benefit hundreds and children and our Charlevoix community.