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2019-20 CSA (Catholic Service Appeal) drive

This weekend will  be our kick-off for the 2019-20 CSA (Catholic Service Appeal) drive.  We have a goal of $81, 231.00 that needs to be met, so that the diocese can run the programs that feed our souls in the Faith.  They also allow the diocese to contribute to the world wide mission of Christ’s Church through the Holy See.  We have many blessings in our own lives and since many of us are unable to personally go on mission work or our offerings alone are not enough to supply the needs of the world; by joining our resources with the whole Catholic Church we can do great things for our neighbors around the world.  If we exceed our goal, the extra money comes back to the parish for our needs as we see in our parish and community.  This weekend you will have the opportunity to make a pledge to give throughout the next year or give a one-time gift.  You may also take the card home and pray about what you are able to offer, or give online through our website.  As we have in the past, we will continue to give 10% of our weekly collection to help fulfill our obligation, so you may also increase your weekly donation by 10% to assist our efforts to be good stewards towards the greater mission of the Church.

Food Pantry Collection

Food Pantry Collection Green Envelopes are in the pews for your monetary donations and the baskets are at the doors for your dry goods and paper products offerings.  Both are excellent ways to assist our community.  The money allows for purchases through the Manna Project for food items at discount, bulk pricing; and having items from our baskets readily available are great gifts to the pantry.

Looking for Someone

We are looking for someone to cover or become a full time visitor for an Adoration time slot from 6-7pm on Thursday nights.  We would need you to begin on April 25th.  Please let me know at 547-6652 extension 13

Mt. McSauba Camp Counselors needed

Mt. McSauba Camp Counselor –  The City of Charlevoix is seeking seasonal Camp Counselors for Mt. McSauba Summer Day Camp. Camp Counselors will supervise groups of children during their participation in day camp activities. The summer camp will run from June 17th through August 9th. Counselors must be 18 years of age, able to swim, and must be able to obtain a Red Cross certification.  Work schedule will be 35 to 40 hours a week. Minimum starting pay of $10.50/hr; however, this could increase depending upon qualifications such as prior experience, lifeguard certification, etc.

Please go to or visit City Hall to view the job description and for directions on how to apply.

Adoration is in DESPRATE need for people

Friday Adoration is in DESPRATE need for people who can be available from 10am to 11:30am.  We get a good crowd until 10am and then it picks up again at 11:30am.  We are on Spring Break for the school, so the classes will not be in there and many of the staff will be gone.  Please stop in for 15 minutes or so to visit with and pray to Jesus.  Thank you!

free child care and Marian Center in Joy Valley

Attached you will find the information on the partnership of free child care and downtown Charlevoix jobs that are needed to be filled for the summer.  This is a win-win situation for our whole community.  Please share this information with others who could benefit from this program.

Summer job opportunities

The second attachment is an offering at the Marian Center in Joy Valley (just northwest of Petoskey).  It is free and will show you how to make a beautiful Marian Garden at your own home!