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Adoration is in DESPRATE need for people

Friday Adoration is in DESPRATE need for people who can be available from 10am to 11:30am.  We get a good crowd until 10am and then it picks up again at 11:30am.  We are on Spring Break for the school, so the classes will not be in there and many of the staff will be gone.  Please stop in for 15 minutes or so to visit with and pray to Jesus.  Thank you!

Security Drills for the Staff

Reminder that Wednesday afternoon is the Security Drills for the Staff.  The church will be open in the afternoon, but the offices will be closed and staff will be busy from noon to 3pm and the School will be used for the drills.

Fr. Innocent Village Update

Fr. Innocent received an update this afternoon from his village.  The Boko Haram just went in to bomb a bank that had received a delivery of money that day.  They took the money and as they were leaving the government police engage them and caused the Boko Haram many casualties.  As far as he knows, all the villagers were able to return home safely.

free child care and Marian Center in Joy Valley

Attached you will find the information on the partnership of free child care and downtown Charlevoix jobs that are needed to be filled for the summer.  This is a win-win situation for our whole community.  Please share this information with others who could benefit from this program.

Summer job opportunities

The second attachment is an offering at the Marian Center in Joy Valley (just northwest of Petoskey).  It is free and will show you how to make a beautiful Marian Garden at your own home!