Health Ministry

Mission of Health Ministry: Provide health related content and interventions that address the physical, mental and spiritual needs of our parishioners without duplicating services available in our community.


  • Pat Brinker
  • Sue Campbell
  • Bernadette Cole
  • Dawn Fletcher
  • Bonnie Furlong
  • Kathy Lame
  • Kathy Lauwers
  • Mary Spilis
  • Peggy Spang
  • Susan Verellen

Monthly Blood Pressure Checks:

Currently suspended

Healthcare Issues
Healthcare can be complex and confusing. Often there are many healthcare providers involved with multiple different diagnoses. If you are in this situation or a similar situation, it maybe helpful to talk with a volunteer, healthcare professional who will listen to your situation to:

  • Discuss questions for you to ask your providers that will help with clarity and reduce confusion
  • Coach you with tips on what to do when in over-whelming situations i.e., write down your questions; ask for references and teaching aids….
  • Suggest resources for you to use that will teach you more about the subject/issues
  • Provide other options that will help you consider all of the choices you have

Our approach is not to direct your care but to offer considerations for you to make your own decisions. This service is confidential. You begin by contacting Fr. Peter Wigton who will connect you with our volunteer healthcare professional.