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Please check your kitchens

With so many events that happened during March which utilized our parish kitchen, there are a number of commercial grade and sized items that are missing along with serving utensils.  Please check your kitchens to see if any items may be from our kitchen and then check by the parish office to see if your item may be there on the shelves.  Our kitchen was cleaned over spring break and any items that were not from our kitchen were placed on those shelves. We are overflowing with items from your homes and from your generous giving for all the dinners and luncheons that have happened over the last 6 weeks! Thank you for taking the time to look around your kitchens for these items.

Michigan Cyber Safety Initiative

On Monday, April 23rd, St. Mary’s is sponsoring a community seminar from the Michigan Cyber Safety Initiative.  This will take place at 5pm in our parish center.  This seminar is for parents, students and community members to understand how to be safe and responsible on the internet and to help you understand more about reporting cyberbullying, criminal activity and other dangers that are out there on the internet.  Please take the time to come to this important forum about issues right in our homes and community.

Lily Plants

There are while lily plants that are in the gathering space that may go home with anyone.  Thank you for your donations to the Easter Flower Fund so that we could have a beautiful display in the Chapel of Repose and in the Main Sanctuary.

K of C Degree

St Mary is looking for Catholic Men 18 and older to join The Knights of Columbus on May 19, 2018.

The Knights of Gaylord  are Hosting all Degrees at their hall at 2573 Wilkinson Rd, Gaylord, Michigan. Registration will start at 8:30 am, with 1st Degree at 9:00 am, followed by 2nd and 3rd. You have the opportunity to do one or all in one day. Please talk to any knight, or call Pat Oliver at 989-731-5554.