Liturgical Ministers and Schedules

Training is offered throughout the year for those who wish to become Eucharistic Ministers or Ministers of the Word at St. Mary Parish. Schedules are created on a 3 month cycle and most ministers serve once or twice a month. There is additional training offered periodically from the dioceses for full certification. If you feel called to serve God and His Church in this way, please contact the Mary Plude, Catechetical Leader in the parish office: 547-6652

Eucharistic Ministers November 11th and November 12th

5:00pm Vivian Shearer, Jane Kanine, Kay Campbell, Peggy and Dennis  Kusina

9:00am Dawn Fletcher, Peggy Kusina and Dennis Kusina

11:00am Pat Antaya, Gus Sonnenberg and Joan Sonnenberg


5:00pm Patty Nemecek and Jim Kanine

9:00am Nelson Fletcher and Sue Gengle

11:00am Vikki Hennard and Kim Swidorski

Altar Servers

5:00pm Annie Joy and Phil Nemecek

9:00am Aiden and Addison Parish

11:00am Pat Antaya, Gus Sonnenberg and Joan Sonnenberg